"Punks battling and defeating aliens at an art school" - MTV

"Grimy, bombastic, aggressive... avant-garde sensibilities and big beats...a frenzied sound taht is louder than bombs"- QUEENS MUSEUM OF ART

"Heavy beats, sticky hooks, and undeniable danceability" - SPIN

"Two brothers who play spazzed-out punk-rock, one of our favorite bands" - VICE

"Their initial impulse sounds like the need to set fire to the larger society that never did you any harm" - NOISEY

"A band of sociopaths so depraved, they require a new genre" - RCRD LBL

"Fang bearing New York bloodlust and disgust filtered through post-Brooklyn Technicolor fun" - VILLAGE VOICE

"Raw, abrasive sonic bedlam, a psychedelic hybrid of punk and noise rock, coated in a pop primer" - HUFFINGTON POST

"Post-structuralist musical anarchists" - IMPOSE